This is just a small collection of some of the research available surrounding Cued Speech and deafness.

Research about and including Cued Speech:

Cued Speech Evolving Evidence: 1969-2018
Stephanie J. Gardiner-Walsh, Karla Giese & Timothy P. Walsh

Full Text

A Case Study of the Preventing Academic Failure.  Orton-Gillingham Approach with Five Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: Using the Mediating Tool of Cued Speech:  Jennifer Lynn Montgomery. Full Text

Early years language and development in deaf children – a best evidence scoping review – Dr Sarah Collins (2017). Full text 

Further supporting material regarding early language development can also be found here – National Sensory Impairment Partnership.

The relative contributions of speechreading and vocabulary to

deaf and hearing children’s reading ability – Fiona Elizabeth Kyle , Ruth Campbell, Maire´ad MacSweeney (2015). Full text >>

Early Communication Development of Children with
Auditory Brainstem Implants – Laurie S. Eisenberg*, Dianne Hammes Ganguly, Amy S. Martinez, Laurel M. Fisher, Margaret E. Winter, Jamie L. Glater, Debra K. Schrader, Janice Loggins, Eric P. Wilkinson and the Los Angeles Pediatric ABI Team (2018) Early Communication Development of Children with Auditory Brainstem Implants, Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education

The Neural Basis of Speech Perception through Lipreading and Manual Cues: Evidence from Deaf Native Users of Cued Speech – Aparicio, M., Peigneux, P., Charlier, B., Balériaux, D., Kavec, M. and Leybaert, J. (2017) full text >>

A longitudinal study on auditory perception and speech intelligibility in deaf children implanted younger than 18 months in comparison to those implanted at later ages. – De Raeve,  L.,  (2010) abstract >>

An Alternate Route for Preparing Deaf Children for BiBi Programs: The Home Language as LI and Cued Speech for Conveying Traditionally Spoken Languages –  LaSasso, C. J., Metzger, M. A., (1998) abstract >>

An examination of Cued Speech as a tool for language, literacy, and bilingualism for children who are deaf or hard of hearing – Reynolds, S. E. (2007) full text >>

An investigation of speechreading with and without Cued Speech – Gregory, J. (1987). abstract>>

Analysis and synthesis of the three-dimensional movements of the head, face, and hand of a speaker using Cued Speech – Gibert, G., Bailly, G., Beautemps, D., and Elisei, F. (2005) abstract >>

Annotated Bibliography of Research on Cued Speech – Cornett, R. O., (1990) full text >>

Complete Signed and Cued French: An original signed language-Cued Speech Combination – Charlier, B., (1992) abstract >>

Cued Speech and Cochlear Implants: Powerful Partners – Smith, J., (2006) full text >>

Cued Speech and the Reception of Spoken Language – Nicholls, G. H., Ling Mcgill, D., (1982) abstract >>

Cued Speech for Enhancing Speech Perception and First Language Development of Children with Cochlear Implants – Leybaert, J., LaSasso, C. J., (2010) Full article >>

Cued Speech in the stimulation of communication: an advantage in cochlear implantation – Descourtieux, C., Groh, V., Rusterholtz, A., Simoulin, I., Busquet, D., (1999) abstract >>

Effects of English Cued Speech on Speech Processing and Literacy: A single case study – Bladel, J., Rees, R., (1989) abstract >>

Evaluating a virtual speech cuer – Gibert, G., Bailly G., Elisei, F., (2010) full text >>

From 1-word to 2-words with cochlear implant and cued speech: A case study – Moreno-Torres, I., Torres, S., (2008) abstract >>

Influence of communication mode on speech intelligibility and syntactic structure of sentences in profoundly hearing impaired French children implanted between 5 and 9 years of age. – Vieu, A., Mondain, M., Blanchard, K., Sillon, M., Reuillard-Artieres, F., Tobey, E., Uziel, A., Piron, J. P., (1998) abstract >>

Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation of Linguistic Input Support to a Prelingually Deaf Child With Cued Speech: A Case Study – Torres S., Moreno-Torres, I., Santana, R., (2006) abstract >>

Reading and Reading-Related Skills in Children Using Cochlear Implants: Prospects for the Influence of Cued Speech – Bouton, S., Bertoncini, J., Serniclaes, W., Cole, P., (2011) abstract >>

Rhyme Generation in Deaf Students: The Effect of Exposure to Cued Speech – LaSasso, C., Crain, K. L., Leybaert, J., (2003) abstract >>

The Role of Cued Speech in the Development of Spanish Prepositions – Santana Hernandez, R., Torres-Monreal, S., Garcia Orza, J., (2003) abstract >>

The role of lip-reading and Cued Speech in the processing of phonological information in French-educated deaf children. – Alegria, J., Charlier, B., Mattys, S., (1999) abstract >>

Use of Internal Speech in Reading by Hearing and HearingImpaired Students in Oral, Total Communication, and CS Programs – Wandel, J. E., (1990) full text >>

Variability in deaf children’s spelling: the effect of language experience – Leybaert, J. & Lechat, J. (2001). abstract>>

Visual Speech in the Head: The Effect of Cued-Speech on Rhyming, Remembering, and Spelling – Leybaert, J., Charlier, B., (2001) abstract >>

What can be expected from a late cochlear implantation? – Kos, M., Deriaz, M., Guyot, J., Pelizzone, M., (2009) abstract >>

Auditory Neuropathy Research:

Auditory neuropathy/dyssynchrony – Its diagnosis and management – Berlin, C. I., Morlet, T., Hood, L. J., (2003) abstract >>

Auditory Neuropathy/Dys-Synchrony: After the Diagnosis, then what? – Berlin, C. I., Li, L., Hood, L. J., Morlet, T., Rose, K., Brashears, S., (2003) abstract >>

Deafblind Research:

Analytic Study of the Tadoma Method: Improving Performance Through the Use of Supplementary Tactual Displays – Reed, C. M., Rabinowitz, W. M., Durlach, N. I., Delhorne, L. A., Braida, L. D., Pemberton, J. C., Mulcahey, B. D., Washington, D. L., (1992) abstract >>

Tactual Cued Speech as a Supplement to Speechreading – Delhorne, L. A., Besing, J. M., Durlach, N. I., Reed, C. M., (1998) full text >>