Welcome to Cued Speech UK

We are the only charity based in the UK providing family support, training and information to help deaf people see what you’re saying with Cued Speech.

Cued Speech provides the foundation for all other communication interventions for deaf babies, children and adults by making  spoken language visual.

So use this website to get started with Cued Speech today!

Cued Speech Christmas Raffle!

Just click on the link; choose an amount to donate and you could win a £200 Argos voucher; £30 Fat Face Voucher or a box of goodies from Riverford Dairy.

Each £5 donated gives you one chance of winning and the draw will be held on the 21st December!

IMPORTANT BIT: For us to be able to notify you if you have won, please ensure that you tick the box where it asks you if you want to “keep in touch” with Cued Speech.


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