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0 to 3 years

With a deaf baby or a young child, you use Cued Speech just as you would use ordinary speech with a hearing baby.

4 years +

Many school-age deaf children will benefit from Cued Speech use – for some it will be vital.


Cued Speech can be of real benefit to adults with a hearing loss by giving full access to spoken language.


Information, Training and Resources for Professionals.

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Transparent face masks – clearly a good idea?

As the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic is set to affect how we stay safe outside our home for some time to come, we’ve been considering the government’s current advice to wear a face-covering, if possible, ‘in enclosed public spaces, such as public transport and some shops, where social distancing isn’t possible and where you will come

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10 things to do at home while social distancing

Are you social distancing or in self-isolation? Do you have a deaf child? Are you wondering what to do with the time? With what seems like half the world now isolating themselves during the coronavirus pandemic, and staff being asked to work from home as much as possible, some form of self-imposed quarantine is looking

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Read to Deaf Children with Cued Speech

The majority of brain development, for any child, occurs in the first three years of life. Reading to and sharing books with babies and young children, and giving them time to respond, feeds their brain, helps them learn new words and grows their vocabulary. This is true for deaf children too. Cued Speech is the

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