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0 to 3 years

With a deaf baby or a young child, you use Cued Speech just as you would use ordinary speech with a hearing baby.

4 years +

Many school-age deaf children will benefit from Cued Speech use – for some it will be vital.


Cued Speech can be of real benefit to adults with a hearing loss by giving full access to spoken language.


Information, Training and Resources for Professionals.

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Family Cue Days

Each year we look forward to celebrating Cued Speech at our Family Cue Days. We like to enable families and professionals to relax and learn in beautiful surroundings, with comfortable on-site accommodation, good food and fun things to do for everyone. It’s a chance to meet up and see first-hand the successes of families and

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Just Passed!

Learning to use Cued Speech is so much fun and can be so life-changing for families with deaf children. Helen Campbell, who works as a medical Sign Language interpreter, decided to learn to use Cued Speech when she found out how it supports deaf people’s access to spoken English. Helen said “I think that Cued

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Courageous Cued Speech

“Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.” Maya Angelou Mary Elsie Daisey is a courageous mother. As the first mother to use Cued Speech with her deaf child, she is a pioneer of a system invented by Dr. R Orin Cornett in 1966.

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