A 3-year project delivered by the Cued Speech Association UK April 2017 – end March 2020

Project aims

To very substantially increase the number of deaf children who reach the age of four years with an understanding of English (or their home language) that is equal to that of hearing children, and thereby reduce their risks of impaired language and associated social, emotional and cognitive difficulties, problems with literacy and poor educational outcomes.

Project objectives

To ensure that all deaf-specialist professionals, and all parents of deaf babies and young children understand the importance of early language and know how Cued Speech can give deaf babies and toddlers access to English (or their home language) without delay and are trained to use it effectively.

In order to achieve this we will:

  1. devise and deliver a programme to raise awareness and promote training;
  2. create and deliver a training package which gives parents of deaf babies and toddlers the skills and support to learn Cued Speech, and to use it effectively;
  3. create and deliver resources and training to help professionals support parents of deaf babies and young children.

0-3 (inclusive) is a project that is working with the parents of 0-3 year olds pre and post cochlear implant.

Our ‘0-3’ project offers parents and whole families training and support. Our family practitioner will visit the home of families with deaf babies or toddlers to help get everyone started with Cued Speech. Once established, training is continued on-line.

For families with deaf babies & deaf children, we arrange Cued Speech training so that they can communicate fully at home & can become effective language models for their children.  This training can then be used to ensure their child reaches their full academic, personal and social goals, equal to those of their hearing peers.  Our charity can usually offer free or reduced price tuition for parents when needed.

4 Onwards

Our ‘4-Onwards’ offer is supporting communication and literacy skills in pre-school children

Our ‘4-Onwards’ offer provides training to professionals, who are supporting deaf children with their language and literacy in education.

  • Teachers of the Deaf
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Communication Support Workers
  • Speech and language Therapists
  • Audiologists

For professionals we arrange training in Cued Speech at nurseries and schools so that they can give deaf pupils full access to English and the curriculum.  With an early start, CS can offer an educational advantage so that no deaf child forfeits their right to a full, comprehensive education. We also have additional resources to help teach phonics.

Cueing for Adults

Our ‘Cueing for Adults’ offer supports deaf adults who need spoken language made visual with Cued Speech. Cued Speech UK provides training for families and professionals who are including deaf adults at home and at work.

Working with adults with acquired deafness to use with or without hearing aids in order to clarify lip reading skills.