Our offer to parents and families of deaf children

All our training and support for parents and families of deaf children is free of charge.

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Cued Speech Self-Study Foundation Training

This course is available free of charge for families and allows you to learn the basics of Cued Speech in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you!

If you are are family with a deaf child, please contact us on 01803 712 853 or email us at info@cuedspeech.co.uk and we will provide you with the details to log in free of charge!


Introductory talks to groups

We can come to your parent support group – or any kind of gathering – and offer you an overview of what Cued Speech is and how you can use it enable you to communicate with your deaf child. These talks are usually delivered by a parent who has personal experience of cueing and understands the challenges and the joys of raising a deaf child. These talks always aim to be relaxed and friendly and offer you a place to share some of your own story if you wish and get your questions answered.

Home visits

If you choose to give cueing a try then our Family Support Practitioner may come to your home (or a venue of your choice) and start to teach you how to cue. They will give you lots of ideas and tips on how to use it with your child and will always try to answer any questions you have and support and encourage you on your cueing journey. They may make up to six home visits and will also help you to begin work with an on-line CS tutor if you wish.

On-Line CueTutors

We have a team of experienced and friendly tutors who can work with you at a time that suits you for six up to sessions to help you develop your cueing skills. You may use a computer, lap-top, tablet or phone to chat with them and learn in a way and at a pace that suits you.

Peer Support Groups

Our Family Support Practitioners may be able to work with your child’s school to provide a regular opportunity to meet with other parents/cuers. These are friendly and relaxed drop-in session where families can come and share their experiences, find out more about how the school is using cueing as well as learn how to cue themselves.