Download a copy of the Cued Speech Association UK leaflet here for a brief overview of our aims and objectives and how Cued Speech can help deaf babies, children and adults.  We are also happy to send hard copies of this leaflet for your colleagues, family and audiology departments to read.  Please use the ‘contact us’ section to place an order.

Below is a list of our Cued Speech Information Sheets, ready for you to explore and enjoy.  Find out all about how Cued Speech can best be tailored to you and your family, discover the answers to any questions you may have and educate yourself in the promising new horizons Cued Speech can offer to make communication with anyone who is deaf an easy and fun experience.

Hope you find the information useful, if you have any comments, suggestions or if you didn’t understand anything please let us know on

CS – The Basics

Cued Speech At-A-Glance Chart (Main training aid for self-study)

Cued Speech BLANK At-A-Glance Chart (Main training aid for self-study)

Cued Speech Training Options Flyer

Cued Speech Parent Booklet