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View it, Cue It!

Have fun watching these clips and play along, to learn how to Cue all sorts of words.

CUE IT! What’s in my Bag!

CUE IT! In the Kitchen Drawer

CUE IT! In the Kitchen

CUE IT! In the Shed

CUE IT! In the Bathroom

View it, Cue It!  Insects

Songs, Stories and Rhymes with Cued Speech

Hansel and Gretel

Dear Zoo

The Gingerbread Man

The Three Little Pigs

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Cued Speech – ‘Silent Night’

‘Walking Through the Jungle’ in Cued Speech

Mr Magnolia in two visual languages

I Opened a Book by Julia Donaldson (with Cued Speech)

Each Peach Pear Plum in British Cued Speech

Cate Calder cueing a story ‘Bathtime’ for deaf children to understand English

Little Miss Muffet

‘Row, row, row your boat’ sung with Cued Speech

Billy Goat Gruff story read using Cued Speech

Cued Humpty Dumpty

An introduction to Cued Speech and the video-based information system, ‘CueTube’:

Cued Speech… communicating in English with your deaf child

BBC2 See Hear broadcast ‘Cued Speech’

SEE HEAR Deaf Literacy Special 2015

How will I communicate with my deaf child – Hannah’s Story

Parents and Professionals

Supporting Early Years literacy

Deaf inclusion worker talks about BSL and Cued Speech

A deaf 6 year old has access to English through Cued Speech; Mum and TA discuss

Wendy and Alfie – a deaf child bought up with Cued Speech and BSL

Head of deaf and hearing-impairment team in Devon

A father talks about using Cued Speech with his deaf daughter

Mum talks about her use of Cued Speech with profondly deaf child

Deaf children learning maths vocabulary and so much more through Cued Speech

Giving a deaf six year old access to literacy lessons through Cued Speech

Supporting deaf children in schools and teaching English as a second language to deaf teenagers

A teacher of the deaf talks about using Cued Speech

Using Cued Speech to communicate with my deaf niece

A deaf child learning two spoken languages through Cued Speech

Spoken language and literacy for a deaf child through Cued Speech

Access to English and literacy for a deaf child with additional difficulties

Two friends, one deaf, one hearing, talk about learning Cued Speech

Pascal and Patricia talk about Cued Speech

The Cueing Community

Growing up with Cued Speech

Growing up with Cued Speech

Cued Speech Summer Camp 2011

Children’s Class at the Cued Speech Speech Summer Camp

Cued Speech for deaf babies, children and adults

Cued Speech Summer School

Language Development Tips

Helping deaf toddlers’ language development through Cued Speech – games with smarties

Helping deaf toddlers’ language development through Cued Speech – everyday activities