Cued Speech UK (CSUK) is a registered charity run by users of Cued Speech (both parents and professionals) who provide information about and training in Cued Speech.

Our charity’s vision is to prevent the tragedy of most deaf children’s lifelong social, educational and employment problems, caused by poor understanding of English, by making Cued Speech available to all who need it. We aspire to a model of inclusion, where deaf people can look forward to futures unhindered by barriers to their social interactions, education and employment. For so many deaf people in the UK, these barriers exist because of limited access to spoken English.

Our aim is to give deaf and hearing-impaired babies, children and adults full access to English through Cued Speech so that they can acquire the communication and literacy skills they need to reach their potential.

To achieve our aim, we strive to change the current situation for deaf children, which is all too often social isolation, low expectations and poor educational outcomes, to one which uses Cued Speech effectively. Cued Speech provides full communication at home and school leading to deaf children ‘belonging’ and reaching their academic and economic potential. With a complete understanding of English and full literacy, deaf children can thrive, become wholly independent and be included fully within society.

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