Daring Daily Dip

Wayne Kenny has taken on the 365 Sea Swim Challenge. On Saturday 1st August 2020, he waded out into the cool waters of Torbay from Brixham in Devon and joined six other swimmers, who have also taken the plunge. The challenge, for this 47-year-old man from Loddiswell, is simple – swim once every day in

Transparent face masks – clearly a good idea?

As the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic is set to affect how we stay safe outside our home for some time to come, we’ve been considering the government’s current advice to wear a face-covering, if possible, ‘in enclosed public spaces, such as public transport and some shops, where social distancing isn’t possible and where you will come

10 things to do at home while social distancing

Are you social distancing or in self-isolation? Do you have a deaf child? Are you wondering what to do with the time? With what seems like half the world now isolating themselves during the coronavirus pandemic, and staff being asked to work from home as much as possible, some form of self-imposed quarantine is looking

Read to Deaf Children with Cued Speech

The majority of brain development, for any child, occurs in the first three years of life. Reading to and sharing books with babies and young children, and giving them time to respond, feeds their brain, helps them learn new words and grows their vocabulary. This is true for deaf children too. Cued Speech is the

2020 The year of Visible Spoken Language

Have you got 20/20 vision? We at Cued Speech UK have! We’re declaring 2020 our year of Visible Spoken Language! We understand that deaf people are profoundly visual and need spoken language that they can see – they need to see what people are saying! Supporting deaf people with Cued Speech increases their ability to

Dame Evelyn Glennie becomes Cued Speech UK’s new patron

Cued Speech UK is delighted to welcome Dame Evelyn Glennie, as patron to our charity. Dame Evelyn Glennie is known as the first person to successfully create and sustain a full-time career as a solo percussionist. Evelyn performs internationally, with the finest orchestras, conductors and artists of our times. She reflects on having played the

Poetry made truly visible

Today Cued Speech UK is celebrating National Poetry Day! This celebration of poetry takes place every October, generating an explosion of activity nationwide, with thousands of amazing events across the UK – in schools, libraries, bookshops and hospitals, on buses, trains and boats – all celebrating poetry’s power to bring people together. 2019 is the 25th

One song and three ways to sing it – visually!

This amazing video shows how language can be made visual in three different ways, for deaf people to enjoy a beautiful song: A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. When you watch this video, you might be forgiven for thinking the three performers are all using signs and gestures, hand-shapes and movements in the same way.

BBC Look North report on Eve Winter

Lythe School pupil, Eve Winter, has become the youngest person ever to sit a Cued Speech exam at 11 years old. Not only is she the youngest but she is even in the top 5% of successful candidates. Take a look at this news report about Eve Winter’s success with Cued Speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EwCGgn6Wjs Why don’t