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It's quick to learn

Because it can be learnt quickly deaf children’s language development need not be delayed.

How can I learn Cued Speech and how long will it take?

After about 20 hours of learning-time you should be able to cue any word in the English language, but initially very slowly.  More practice is needed to become fluent.  Don’t worry that your cueing is slow to start with - slow cueing can be helpful to your baby or young child in the early stages. 

Learning to cue is not like learning a new language.  Because Cued Speech is a visual version of English – not a language – hearing parents and professionals learn a new way of expressing their own language.  There is no new vocabulary or grammar to learn; it’s like learning to type if you can already write with a pen. 

This quote illustrates the difference between learning a sign language and Cued Speech:

With Cueing, you quickly learn to express anything, but at an extremely slow rate. With a sign language, you quickly learn to express a very limited set of ideas, at a reasonable speed. With cues, you add to the rate slowly, over a period of months.  With signs, you add, slowly, over a period of years, to the number of ideas you can express.

Young children and babies are not taught to cue; they pick up English by watching Cued Speech, just as hearing children pick up English through listening.  Older children can benefit from being taught the system. 

Our charity can provide tuition in a way best suited to you or your group.  This could include face-to-face tuition, e-learning or support through ’Skype’.  Our annual Summer Camp combines learning with a holiday.

Click here to view our charity's 'Local Offer' to find our more about our information and training and what we can offer you.

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