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As well as delivering training the CSAUK also offers two exams in CS proficiency:

Level One is designed to test the candidate’s basic CS skills in three areas:

  1. expressive cueing: testing if the candidate can accurately cue single words and short sentences
  2. cue reading: using the cues to read to differentiate between similar words
  3. the basic theory behind using CS.

Level Two exams are for people who have passed their Level One exam and wish to further their experience with CS.  A greater level of accuracy and fluency is required than Level One but again there are three sections:

  1. Expressive cueing: consists of 5 parts: cueing a short piece of prepared text, cueing single words, telling a story from a given strip of pictures, cueing a passage of between 150 and 160 words, and a conversation of about five minutes on a pre-prepared topic.
  2. Theory: this is to test a deeper knowledge of Cued Speech and the ability to describe Cued Speech to deaf children’s families, family, friends or professionals.
  3. Cue-reading: 2 sets of 5 phrases of up to six words each.

Examinations can be delivered remotely; all are filmed and two examiners review any borderline students.  On completion, you will be awarded a certificate by the Cued Speech Association UK.

The cost of these exams are:

Level 1 - £65.00

Level 2 - £85.00


If you have any questions regarding examinations or wish to speak to someone about working towards your qualification, please don’t hesitate to contact us.