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CS - Information sessions

If you want to know more before before learning Cued Speech, the information session is suitable for all (parents, professionals or mixed groups), but on request, can be tailored to a specific group. 

The aims of the session are to give:

  • an overview of the practical benefits and uses of Cued Speech CS) and the evidence which supports its use.  
  • the experience of cueing simple words and the knowledge of how this can be developed into a life-changing but practical, every-day skill.

The 2 hour session will include:

  • how the Cued Speech system works to clarify all the 44 ‘sounds’ of English and, using the basic chart, how to cue simple words
  • why and by whom Cued Speech was devised
  • an overview of the different ways in which Cued Speech can be used
  • what further support and tuition is available from the Cued Speech Association UK including free web-based resources
  • A short practical workshop cueing simple consonant-vowel-consonant words.
  • Videos of Cued Speech in practice
  • Resources demonstration of: 1) the free e-learning website www.learntocue.co.uk and 2.) the THRASS ‘Phoneme Machine’.
  • Different ways to use CS with different client groups
  • Additional information about research
  • Q & A session focusing on specific needs.

The following resources are available to support the information session:

  • Cued Speech chart
  • Cued Speech leaflet
  • General information pack
  • Research summary.

All participants will receive an attendance certificate

Your information session will be delivered by the Cued Speech Association UK, a national charity which provides information about and training in Cued Speech.  

The cost of this two hour information taster session is £265 for up to 50 people

For information, advice or further training, please contact us.

To learn more about tuition, and the various formats in which we teach CS, click here >>