Access to English for deaf children and adults

Cued Speech uses eight hand-shapes in four different positions near the mouth to clarify the lip patterns of normal speech.

With the vocabulary and structure of spoken language made visible, deaf children can quickly acquire an understanding of spoken language.

With Cued Speech, deaf babies, children and adults can see all the sound based units of speech as clearly as hearing people can hear them.

Cued Speech can work alongside British Sign Language (BSL) for true bilingualism in both BSL and English.

Lel's story


Click here to see a series of films where Lel talks us through their journey, thoughts and experiences on communicating with their deaf son.

Latest Jobs

Learn to Cue

Cued Speech has recruited an Education Officer to supply training in Cued Speech across Devon. 


Learn to Cue via Skype

Watch this short video clip introducing Skype training.



Hannah's Story

Watch Hannah's Story as she makes decisions about communicating with her profoundly deaf son Dan.  Another wonderful video from volunteer Andy Houghton.